Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cell phone case

Hello!  This is a cell phone case that I made with the Big Shot.  The body of the bag was made with the Top Note Die, and the flower was cut with the Bloomin Blooms die.  The handle and leaves I free hand cut.  I gave it to Diana when she came yesterday.
Today, we have all been busy working.  We cleaned,  Antonio and Jenna rearranged and cleaned their bedroom, moved their clothes into their new dresser, and moved their old dresser into the baby's room, and the bassinet is now in their bedroom.  Their room is finished.  I cleaned the mirror, vanity, and the glass dining room table.  My next project which took hours, was to take tags off all the baby clothes, from the baby showers.  You wouldn't think it would take that long to unpackage things but all those little things had those little plastic things punched into them to hold them in a package.  Every pair of socks etc, and I had to be careful not to snag things trying to clip them off.  So I filled a laundry basket full of little things to be washed.  I also took all the clothes that had already been washed and got those sorted out by size and put in the dresser drawers, hung in the closet etc.  Then I tucked extra stuff  in the room away in the closet, put diapers under the changing table, etc.  There are still a couple of boxes in the room, but the room is looking pretty good.  Diana was doing dishes and cleaning out a closet.  Jenna was vaccuming, cleaning, and  doing laundry.  Antonio did the lawn and is now making supper.  Everyone is tired and we are going to relax and watch movies tonight after supper.  I am hurting but it was good to get a lot done.  Have a good night!  Elaine

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