Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mexican Food

Corrinne just posted a comment, saying that she would like to taste authentic mexican food and was wondering how close it was to the stuff that you get in the restaurants.  There is a restaurant in town that Antonio and Jenna have taken me to that has authentic food but otherwise I have found that it tastes very different than the food that is served in restaurants.  This morning, Antonio made hueno ranchero's.  They are layers of tortilla's, fried eggs, salsa, and a piece of bacon on top.  It was very different for me to eat that combination and especially for my first meal of the day but I liked it.  It had 3 fried eggs in the stack, runny, which kind of mixes in with the salsa and tortilla. 
Right now he is making enpanada's.  Diana just brought me a small piece that Antonio wanted me to try.  They are very good.  Diana says we will top them with something, and I know that Jenna went to buy sour cream, so it will be interesting to try these out.  He is using the fryer that I bought them.  Well...off to eat supper.  Good night!  Me

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