Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Computer problems

I am sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted.  Between the busyness around here and my laptop giving me troubles, I haven't had much of a chance to post.
Sunday we went to a cookout/birthday party for Madilyn, Antonio's God daughter.  The party was at Lake Geneva and they had rented a great big bouncing house with a slide and a snow cone machine.  All the kids that were there loved that.  Maddy is a blonde haired, blue eyed, chubby little cutie who turned two.  She throughly enjoyed her day and didn't conk out till around 5 o'clock around the time everyone was leaving.  She loves Elmo and received several more to add to her collection, along with lots of adorable clothes, and other toys.  There was another little one toddling around and she was adorable and she reminded me so much of Sarah when Sarah was that age and my sister Lenore when she was little.  Just about the same colored hair, except Sarah's was a little lighter at that age, but she had the same ringlets in the back, just like Sarah and Lenore did.  She had dark eyes and the cutest little smile.  She slipped her feet into Jenna's sandals, started to walk, and waved bye bye at me.  It was just too cute!  When it was time to leave, Jenna didn't know that one of her sandals was missing.  We hadn't seen her take off with it.  I spotted it about 20 feet from where we had been sitting!  It was a beautiful day for a cook out.  Jenna got sunburnt though and applied Aloe Vera many times trying to get the sting out.  I didn't get burnt but I stayed in the shade all the time.  With the medications that I am on, I just fry now, so I have to be extremely careful about that.
Monday, Antonio was at work, and Diana went back to her mother's for the next week so Jenna and I spent a quiet day at home which Jenna really needed.  She was just wiped out yesterday.  I spent most of the day sewing, and Antonio's friend Edwardo came to look at my computer after they got off of work.  He got it up and running again, and I made another trip to Best Buy with Antonio last night to pick up a new power cord.  It is a long story, but Best Buy had told me the night before that my computer was shot and that I needed a new mother board to the tune of 400.00 and that I would be better off to buy a new computer.  The lap top is only one year old, and the warranty expired last month.  I was very upset about this to say the least.  Trip #2 to Best Buy, I talked with the manager, and he spotted that there is a piece missing on the DC adaptor.  I definitely do need a new cord, but also need the DC adaptor replaced which may or may not be a separate part, or it may be attached to the motherboard and he told me the cheapest was to do it would be to order a part from Dell, if it is separate and have Edwardo sodder it on the motherboard  if he knew how, or take it to Milwaukee equipment(?),  So I spent an hour on the phone with Dell being transferred from one department, and of course repeating the same information to each operator only to be told it would need a new motherboard, ....maybe ??? to the tune of 359.00 but if it didn't they would refund this and that, how do I want to pay, etc. plus I got disconnected.  I already had a headache, so I didn't try to call back.  I called and left a message with my nephew Bobby, who is good on computer's, had supper with Antonio and Jenna, was on Jenna's computer a little, started to watch a movie with them but couldn't stay awake and my head hurt too bad so I went to bed.  I woke up around one  and decided now would be a good time to drop you all note.  I am very much enjoying my time here.  It is really nice to eat real meals with other people, and I really enjoy the family time we spend at night in the living room.  I am not used to sitting around at night and watching tv with people and talking.  It has been a lot of years since I have had that.  I do miss everyone at home though, and I really miss the cats.  I hear that they are doing fine, but I am sure that when I do get home that they are going to want to be held non stop, especially Molly, as she isn't letting anyone give her much affection.  She is definitely a one person cat, and wants all her loving from me.
Please write, I can't really call home unless it is an emergency or if I use Jenna's phone after 9 or on weekends.  My trac phone uses double minutes when I call out of this area so I burnt through a slew of minutes the first week so I am being really careful only to call home to cancel appointments and things that I have to take care of from here.  I would love to hear from you.  Have a great day!  Elaine

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