Thursday, July 22, 2010


Good Morning!  This is an unusual time of day for me to doing a post but you will probably be seeing a lot more of it.  I am finding it hard to get my blogging done here as either the TV is on, or someone is talking in the background or to me.  It is hard to concentrate.  But right now Diana is sleeping on the couch, Antonio is at work, and Jenna is sleeping or resting in her room, I am not sure which.  She hasn't slept well the past few days, so I am hoping she is getting some good sleep.  She had her doctors appointment yesterday and everything looks good.  The baby was hiding yesterday and they couldn't hear the heart beat at first which scared her a little but then they found him and the heartbeat was strong and normal.  Her blood pressure is normal and everything looks good, so now we wait.  It is funny, she is not impatient for him to come although she is looking forward to meet him, she just seems to be enjoying this time, and there are things she wants to get done yet before he arrives.  She asked her doctor and the doctor said that she won't let her go more than one week over due.  And that is only because she would rather things start naturally.  Her doctor does want us to go tour the hospital so we will do that soon.  It is 7 miles from here.
My mom just called and I got an update on things back home.  I decided to have some left over french toast from yesterday while I was up ratting around, and so that I could take my meds as I am suppose to take them with food.  We were going to get up early and do errands and I am the only one up and ready to go, but it is pouring out, so it is just as well.  It is no fun running around doing that stuff in the rain.  At least this trip I remembered to bring a jacket.  Last time I was here we spent a whole day running around in the rain and I didn't have a jacket.  It was hot enough for the most part but by the end of the day I got chilled.  At least I am prepared this time around.
We watched the movie Blind Side last night with Sandra Bullock and that sure is one good movie.  The best I have seen in a long time.  I highly recommend this one, especially if you have children.  It is a good one for them to see how many blessings they have.  I will warn you, this movie is a tear jerker, and I had a very wet face at the end of the movie!

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