Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tags #2

Happy 4th of July!  We got a little pitter patter of sprinkles around noon and then around 2:40.  At 2:40, everyone was afraid that we were really going to get hit so they were packing up, and I closed then too.  But it was a good busy day, and we are fortunate that we didn't loose the whole day today to rain!  I was pleasantly surprised with lots of visitors today.  Carol, Erin, Jason, and the little cutie pies stopped in for a quick hi.  Di brought in her son Donny, and wife Mona, and great grand child Lucas.  This was the first that I have seen Lucas, he will be a year old soon!  The little birthday girl came down also to sit with me for awhile this afternoon and even brought water, just in case I was out again today.  I wasn't out, but wasn't that sweet!  Sarah was over for a long visit this morning too.  I hope I didn't forget any one else that stopped in to say "hi" today.  It was a busy day and I may have.  And one of the fun things is making NEW friends too and I seem to do that every weekend.  If they take my card and are going to read the blog....I always tell them that they will know more about me than they want to!  Ha ha!
I am glad to be home and in my air conditioning.  It was another scorcher!   I didn't even realize till I got home in the air that all my clothes were soaking wet!  It sure was humid.  I hope you are not sick of seeing pictures of tags.  I loaded up a whole bunch of pictures last week, to posts so that all I would have to do this weekend is just write and not have to mess around with uploading pictures.  It is nice to have some posts ready, and not have to take the time to do that.  I have gotten fairly fast about getting things up and loaded, but you would be surprised how many hours a week I spend on the blog.  In the past, I wouldn't post on the weekends because of  lack of time, or fatigue.  Now I post almost every day.....lucky you!  Ah the joys of technology!  Off to rest with the kitty cats....!  Me

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  1. Hi, Sounds like you had a busy, fun 4th of July. Always great to see old friends and new. We went to the parade this morning and then came home and worked on some more unpacking. Yikes! I wonder if that will ever get done. It was hot and humid here too and we are supposed to get some rain...only had a few drops earlier. Love all your neat tags...someone should be able to find something they like! My stamping stuff is still at Anne's and I am not sure it is going to get over here tomorrow. Gus will be doing the corn detasseling bus run starting Wednesday. So, don't know if I will get any set up before he goes for that or not. I do have the sewing machine in the craft room though but still much more to do around the house. Take 'er easy and get rested.