Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rain, rain, go away, come back some other day!

Yesterday, we got caught in a tornado warning and flooding.  We drove through four bad patches of water on the way home.  It would come up on you and you didn't see it until right till you were in it.  Fortunately Jenna had followed another car into the left lane so we were always in the highest part of the three lanes but could only see the curb on the left side and just an inch or two of the road.  It was scary and all I could think of is all the times you see on TV not to go through water when it is flooding and of cars floating like they are on a river.  But it wasn't something we could avoid and fortunately the car was ok going through it.  We saw a lot of stalled cars and the last batch of water we went through was the worst and there was a fireman standing on the right side of the road in it with water up to his knees.  Not a good situation and from the news, we were not in the worst of it.  But all is well, and God brought us safely home.
Today was another adventure when the air conditioner, frig, washing machine, and microwave all went out this afternoon.  The land lord had to come over and change the fuse.  He was coming anyways to fix the bathtub faucet and some other things.  Diana and I went to Barnes and Nobles and spent a couple of hours looking at books, and then we went to Joann's and picked her up something to do, jewelry making stuff.  We also got some fabric so that I can make a topper for the babies dresser.  Adorable fabric.  I will have to shoot some pictures when I get it done.  A last stop to Walmart and we picked up some pop and chocolate.  I needed my  We were gone over four hours so it gave Jenna a nice break, although part of the time she had some errands to run.  She is not sleeping well, and I am trying hard to get her to slow down.  I think I finally got through to her tonight and I also talked to Antonio about it after she was in bed.  After he gets done with work tomorrow, he and I will go to pick up Madeline's birthday gift so that Jenna doesn't have to worry about that.  That was his idea and a good one.  He is very considerate of her needs.  I washed my clothes from the week tonight and got them all put away again in my plastic tote.  I decided that it would be easier to live out of that than a suit case and it is working out real well.  I'd better scoot to bed, we have company coming in the morning.  Miss you all.....drop me an email!  Elaine

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