Friday, July 2, 2010

Wonderful Favorites Tags

 Happy 4th of July Weekend! I have been busy finishing up Halloween tags, packaging them, and pricing all the stuff I made this week so it is ready to go for the weekend.  I also did some cleaning today....I know....hard to believe.  Even the cats were amazed.  They were following me around, and I would imagine they were thinking that it was about time I left the stamping cave!   Taffy has been tired of me being in there.  She will come and meow at me, especially at night.  She wants me to go to bed so she can get petted.  Molly just demands petting time when I am at the computer.  She has got that one figured out, that I can scroll and pet her at the same time.  They are smart creatures, that is for sure!   I just finished having some soup and my stomach is throwing fits.  Sure hope they figure this out next week and start me on a treatment plan.  It sure is not fun to eat these days.  Otherwise I am feeling good, and pretty rested.  I should be though as I have been home all week long, and have gotten lots of rest.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Stop down and see me if you get a chance.  Elaine

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