Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower Tags

Hello!  Tomorrow is the big day for my colonospy so I have been busy drinking the prep stuff tonight, and stamping in between things.  Every time I came back from the kitchen, I would be saying...this is nasty sh....!  I just couldn't help it, it was the thought that came in my head immediately after drinking it each time.  The hint I got from Joann today really helped though to drink it out of a straw, but even so, the first glass had tears running down my face while drinking it and the last one had me ready to barf, and I said this is "enough"!  Pure torture, that is for sure.  I am sure glad that I am over that part.  Corrinne told me today that she was on the "ten year" plan.  I want to be on the never again plan!  LOL  Other than that, there isn't much new around here.  I did make a couple of really adorable cards tonight, so you will be getting some good eye candy shortly!  And I wanted to let you know that I used Itty Bitty Bits stamp and punch for the center of the flowers on these tags, and the swirls stamped on the tags are from the stamp set Priceless.  I just love both!  Too cute!

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  1. Hope you got through your colonoscopy with flying colors today - Wed. You are now a veteran!