Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello!  I finished this stack of potholders on Wednesday night.  There are 37 of them between the two piles.  It sure felt good to have that done. 
Tomorrow is the big day!  The flea market opens.  I went and picked up change today.  Susie was over for a visit, and I packaged up some greeting cards this afternoon and took a nap.  I feel much better since the nap.  I have been dragging today and having trouble with my allergies again from being out and about yesterday.  I am glad that we got some rain this afternoon.  Hopefully it washed things down.  I made some Thin Mints tonight, and my sample for tomorrow which will be For the Love of Cookies.  I put a pan of lasagna in the oven which I just pulled out so it is time to eat!  Have a great weekend and stop down and see me if you can!  Hugs!  Elaine

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