Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cards in a Candle Jar

Hello!  Today has been one of my favorite kind of days!  I played most of the day in my stamping room making magnets.  I got 17 done today which is quite a lot but the coloring was all done on them so it has been mainly assembly work.  They are turning out so cute.  Tomorrow I will show you some.
This is what I gave to Susie for a hostess gift at her party on Monday night.  I had bought a couple of boxes of jars at a yard sale in the fall and this is one of them.  They were so nice and clean, all ready to use, and only a quarter a piece!  You sure can't beat that.  I realized later that this is a candle jar.  It is perfect to put 3"x 3" cards in.  I cut the butterfly's with our butterfly die and the big shot, and the little green one's on the card I ran through the dot embossing folder to give them some texture.  I love their funky little antenna's made with hemp.  Between that and the buttons ( I LOVE buttons!!!!) it really adds to the butterflies.  Susie really liked it and said that it will sit on her desk with the other things that I have made her.  I made her a jar with ribbon wound on spools and she has never used the ribbon as she thinks it is too cute to use!  Silly girl...but it sure is sweet!  There are 4 3"x 3" cards in the jar and 4 envelopes.  I plan on making some of these for the stall too.
I talked to Jenna a couple of times today as she is off.  Diana and her were going to the park for a picnic supper tonight.  They have a park a couple of blocks from their house.  A real nice one.  We made plans for Diana to stay with me after the baby shower in June.  Last summer I had her a couple of times and I hope to again this summer.  They have decided that they want to do the baby's room in turtles and have picked out stuff at Burlington Coat Factory.  If you google that, then look under the baby registry, and put in Jenna Dominguez, you can see what they have picked out.  It is cute.  I later told Sarah tonight this when I talked with her and I think she is going to give Jenna the stuffed turtle's that I made for her.  Sarah has a  real turtle and she had her room decorated in them when she lived at home.  I made her 4, I think, turtles and they turned out adorable.  They had different shades of green yo-yo's for the shell's and a button on the top.  They would be perfect on a little shelf in the baby's room.  Well, back to the salt mines for me.....LOL  Have a good night!  Elaine

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