Monday, April 19, 2010

But You Don't Look Sick?

Tonight is my fibromyalgia support group meeting.   Maureen asked me to run the meeting tonight and I am doing a little research on the internet.  I just found this story called The Spoon Theory.  It is a wonderful way to explain what people with disabilities or illness deal with every day.  Her best friend had asked this gal what her illness (Lupus) was like.  She thought, she knows all about this illness, she has been to all my doctor's appointments, been through this with me for years, how can I explain it to her.  So she thought about it and explained it with spoons.  I will let you go read the story.  For those of you who have known me for years, this explains it better than I ever could. I plan on reading this story to the group tonight.  I think it will help them answer the question, "What is like to be sick?".
The spoon theory is so true. Illness can be a made me change my priorities.  I try and use as many of my "spoons" with family and friends as possible.  I am always counting my spoons!

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