Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Upcycle gift wrap

Yesterday was my dad's 78th birthday.  I decided to recycle the stamping up brown paper for gift wrap.  I think it turned out kind of cool.  Kind of looks like a pineapple!  LOL  I had already made a card but a tag hanging from the ribbon would have made this cuter.

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  1. I always kept the brown paper from SU too and used some of it for packing things before we moved. Comes in handy. I have never used it for wrapping paper though although I have used the heavier brown paper for wrapping presents for years...even grocery sacks. The gift wrap turned out nice. Yesterday was my son-in-laws birthday, he was 54 and on Tuesday April 27 was our 53 wedding anniversary. Yesterday Grant's folks came for supper and we all had a nice time visiting and celebrating his birthday over some good food and German Chocolate cake for dessert with ice cream. I hope I am not gaining any weight here! Better get back to packing for the working weekend at the cottage.