Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank you cards

The last time I posted I told you that I was punching out DSP squares and gluing them on a 3 " square.  The focal point of these cards were what I was working on.  I had 18 of them done (without flowers) when I last wrote and was thinking about making about 30 of them.  Well...after I got them all done, I had 45 of the squares made!  And, I did not make a dent in the DSP scraps, nor the card stock bin.  But after I got done making flowers yesterday, the card stock scrap bin is noticeably emptier!  YEAH!  I have all the flowers and leaves attached to all 45 squares.  These 6 that I finished up for you tonight went very fast.  I decided to post all of these so that you could see how different they look even with all of them having the same base colors.  While I was cutting these flowers out yesterday, I also cut a bunch of different flowers and assembled them for my shoe and tell box.  All in all...I am guessing I made about 125 flowers which probably took about 12 hours to do!  SHOOT ME!  and put me out of my misery!  I must be crazy.  But shouldn't have to do any for the show and tell box for next month, maybe a couple of months as there were still flowers left in it. 
Today I marked a bunch of stuff for the flea market, put it in baskets, and put it in the van.  Sarah was also over for a visit and I gave her birthday presents as I did not see her on her birthday.  She adored the flower magnets and I let her pick out 3 for her fridge.  She also loved the other magnets I am making and she thinks all of them will sell good.  I hope she is right about that!  I need to bring home, (or find some around here) some more string tags so that I can get the rest of my stuff marked.  But I made a big dent it in today and my living room is starting to look more like a living room again!
Tonight I set up my little tv tray table on the bed and worked on attaching buttons, flowers, and little spools of thread onto my pin cushion tags.  I haven't begun to make a dent in the tin of them that needs to be decorated as I have TONS of extras, but I want to get enough done so that I have at least one for each pin cushion finished, I think I have about 8 to go and will probably finish them up before hitting the hay.  I have been up late just about every night this week.  Hopefully next week I will get on a better sleep pattern.  Have a good one!  Me

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  1. Like your thank you cards. What a neat idea to use up all those little pieces of DSP and make such a cute card. Think I will have to try that myself. I needed an idea to make some cards for our HCE Silent Auction in May. Thanks for the great idea!