Sunday, April 25, 2010

Filling the magnet rack

You have probably been asking yourself the question why does she keep making magnets?!?  Di had said to me earlier in the week, you have made enough of those, go on to the 100 cards you want to make with the birthday cake set.  She is exaggerating of course, about the 100, she learned that from  When she was down to the flea market with me on Friday and saw the magnets in the card rack, she said "Wow! Those fit in there perfectly."  And she said she now could see why I had to keep making  them as the rack is so large, it would look to empty.  But I think this will be the last batch for a little while.  I have other things I want to get done before we open on Saturday.  I made something cute and new will love it!
Oh!  And I have good news.  Mike in Michigan and his friend Mike are working on the hard drive that I thought had crashed (in Michigan) and he called and it works.  We don't know WHY it is working...but we are happy about it.  It may be the USB port that I had it plugged into went out.  They are doing some checks, and clean up on it while they have it.  Mike also said that he will do a transfer of all my files onto one of his external hard drives before sending my hard drive back to me.  Just in case something would happen in the mail, there will be a back up copy!  I am thrilled that it is working as I had a ton of digital stamps on there that I had either bought or downloaded for free, plus classes, special projects, cards, photo's and movies.  About 4 years worth of saving stuff!  I called Lady Di up and was singing Zippitey-Do-Da and she sang with me and then wanted to know what made me happy that I was Zippitey!  So I told her about the hard drive and she laughed!  I also told her that Kramer had said that he had tried to sell pictures of me and her that were on there on the internet and he couldn't get any money for them.  He told me to tell Di that it was because she was a democrat...that people don't want pictures of democrats!  LOL  We both got a laugh out of that!

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  1. Good Monday Morning to you! You gave me a good laugh already today...can just imagine and hear you and Di singing Zippity-do-da over the phone! You guys are too much fun! We are coming to the cottage this coming weekend, but it will be a "working" weekend and some of the guys are coming to put the pier in as of right now. Would love to get over to the Flea Market to see you, but doubt if that will happen. Not enough time to squeeze everything in. It sure looks like you have some neat things for sale. I hope it warms up though...just too cold and damp around here. Have a good day!