Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goofy Card

Here is a card that Susie brought for show and tell on Monday night.  Every one got a good laugh out of it.  I have seen it done before but have not made one.  I think I might now.  I like her choice of color's and if someone was not feeling good, this would sure cheer them up! 
Today was a paperwork day and doing things on the computer. I did some revamping on my budget as I found out that my water bill will be going up a minimum of $22.00 a quarter so had to "up" what I save a month, AGAIN!  I just upped things in January and am already redoing it.  Things just keep going up and up.  I had stamping order's coming in and I did my entering on the computer.  I called Verizon today and have decided to switch everything to them.  I have my internet connection with them now, but will be switching my phone back to them, and switching to direct tv.  It will be about $5.00 less per month, but I will be gaining quite a bit.  I will keep my same phone number, unlimited long distance and other features, but shouldn't have all the problems I have had with Vonage as far as dropping calls.  I didn't really mind it too much when it was cheaper but they have been inching up the price.  I will have a little bit faster internet speed, but the main thing I will be gaining is with Direct TV.  Right now I have the family package and local channels on 2 tv's and DVR.  They will come in and install it all for free, DVR, and I can have 4 TV's hooked up, plus will have their choice package which is 150 channels.  I looked at the channels and I have not had a lot of them for years so will be fun to have those again.  They are coming next week to do this.  I also went to the bank and over to the church and organized little carrying buckets with tools for the tables at my parties.  I found them in the clearance section at Family Dollar for a dollar a piece and the color of them is Rich Razzleberry!  It should make set up ALOT faster for stamping and hopefully will help my stampers find things better too!

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