Monday, April 5, 2010

RAKS from the quilting retreat

Hello!  I just had an email from Karen Burrowsfield, my cousin's wife.  She lives out east.
Hi Elaine!
For you I went to a Cards for Soldiers event----basically made up blanks cards for soldiers to send back was fun...I took the photo so I am not in it - this is my new church's Ladies Fellowship doing it.
Awwwww.....isn't that sweet!  I corrupt them all....near and far!  LOL  I am glad that she had a good time at the event!  A very worthy cause!!!
Here are some pictures of some things I was rak'd at the quilting retreat.  Faye gave me this awesome coffee cup of her's.  I love, love, love it!  If she could see my fabric room....she would know that this fits me to a "T"!  Karen gave me a Scrap Saver's book that was part of her white elephant gift.  She said she didn't have a use for it and wanted me to have it as it has some cute baby things in it to make.  Angie gave me this left over fabric that was from a quilt she was working on.  I know a new little baby who is going to have some baby bibs made out of these fabrics.  They are absolutely adorable!  Sonja came over with her eye glass case and her cell phone case to show me as she was trying to give me more idea's of things to make to sell!  All I can say is "Thank you again!"!  I am one lucky girl to have made such awesome friends!  Speaking of awesome friends....Susie was over today for a visit.  Taffy was thrilled that she was here as usual.  I do believe that Taffy thinks that Susie comes to visit HER, instead of me!  I got project #2 done today for Susie's party on the 12th.  A very cute baby card. I sent a picture of it to Colleen in Oregon after I got it finished as she was dieing to see it.  We were iming while I was working on it, and she was giving advice.  Not that I listened to it...ha ha....but we have fun cabitzing about it.  And cabitzing is one of my new words I made up, slang for chatting. We definitely have "baby" on the brain around here.  I don't think that I told you that I picked up some Chocolate Chip corduroy bibs, and a Certainly Celery corduroy jacket for the baby at Practical Cents on Saturday.  They have their winter clothes for babies for 50 cents each!  Can't beat that!  Tonight after I got up from my nap, I made 3 tags that will be on display at the party, and I made Susie's hostess gift.  It turned out adorable, and I think she will love it.  I just had to go check and see what Taffy was up too.  I heard this little clink hit the floor like metal and figured that she had found a safety pin or something.  You have to watch her like a hawk, she is like having a two year old in the house.  Well, she didn't have a safety pin, but she did have a metal flower brad, so I snatched that away from her.  I haven't worked with those for months so I don't know where she had that stashed.  She is something else!  One of her favorite tricks is to run off with a piece of ribbon from my stamping desk.  Nothing delights her more to get "out of reach" with it, and then run off with it.  I will get it back later when she decides to drop it in the middle of the bathroom floor.  You can walk through my house most any time and find a piece of ribbon lying some where!  Molly's latest trick is to take the quilt that I have draped on the back of the couch and knock it behind the couch.  I haven't seen how she does it, but she is keeping me busy dragging it back out.  The things they do to get attention!

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