Thursday, April 29, 2010

Diaper fold pouches

These are a batch of diaper fold pouches I made with DSP and punches.  I used the scalloped circle, 1 3/8 circle, large star, and small star punch and I used the stamp set Wanted before punching the images.  These are great for putting treats in to give to people, or a pack of hot cocoa, or chicken noodle soup.  There are all kinds of different things you could stick in them.
I took Carol to Marshfield today.  She is doing so much better now than she was before.  We have to go back again in 2 weeks.  I like Marshfield a lot so that doesn't hurt my feeling at all!  I dropped her off this morning before 9 and headed to Vinnies and Good Will.  I found 3 jars of buttons and some fabric, and a few stamps.  I went back to wait for her at 10:30 and she was done with all three of her appointments.  The one she was suppose to have in the afternoon, they moved up for her.  So we headed to a little quilt shop to drop off her sewing machine to be repaired.  Carol found a few things there and then we went to El Melcaz for lunch.  We made a quick stop at Menards then headed over to Hancock Fabrics.  We leisurely looked around in there, picked up some sales items as they have a big sale going on, then did our usual run through the Culver's drive thru before heading home.  Carol took my portable sewing machine home with her, so I showed her how to use that before she left.  I was starting to get a headache and not feel good, so hit the hay and fell fast asleep and slept a couple of hours.  I just finished up my blog reading and am trying to decide whether to head to the stamping room or sewing room.  Have a good night!  Elaine

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  1. wILL YOU PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING i DON'T LIKE?! We were at the cottage this last weekend for a "working weekend". I had the idea that we would get over to the flea market and to see you on Sunday morning but that didn't happen because Grant and Ryan stayed on Sunday until later in the morning. They did some bass fishing but did not catch anything. I suppose now that I think about it, we could have come. just told them that we were going to Adams....only thing was I did not know they were staying over until Sunday. Oh well, maybe next time I can get over there to see you. I did not get to see Kari either as when we stopped there on Sunday afternoon before we went home, they were gone. Two of my favorite people and I did not get to see either of you! Darn! Trouble is, the "next time" I do not know when that will be as our grandson Drew is graduating from high school on May 29 so that sorta shoots Memorial Day weekend for us with the graduation being on Saturday. With Gus driving school bus full time this year, he does not have too many extra days off during the school year especially in the spring to get to the cottage for a long weekend.