Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sneak Peek!

I am doing something that I normally don't do.  I am giving you a sneak peek at one of our projects for Monday night.  Isn't this card just adorable!  And the great thing about it is that you can use this layout with other stamps and other colors to make cards for any occasion!  You will be able to take measurements off this card and recreate, or right them down as I always have them laying on the table.  It took quite some time yesterday to get all the cutting correct but now that it is done, it will be easy to recreate fairly quickly. 

I spent most of today on the computer.  I had ordered a new external hard drive with my Best Buy dollars and it came today.  My old external crashed a couple of months ago.  My main computer has a very small hard drive on it.  It will be 6 years old next fall.  When I got it, I had no idea that I would be into stamping, and that I would fall in love with the computer and be on it all the time and saving so many things so I didn't purchase a lot of memory.  A big mistake, but having an external hard drive solves the problem for me.  This new one is about the fourth of the size of my old one.  I could carry this one in my purse if I wanted to as it is about the size of a wallet.  The other one was larger and I think it got tipped over one too many  times and that is why it failed.  I shouldn't have that problem with this one.  So, I worked on getting my digital stamps put on it, and other files, then worked on cleaning up the computer.  It was a big day at Stampin' UP! today with the announcement of the changing of the color families.  So I spent hours studying up on all that today too.  I listened to a one hour webinar given by Shelli our CEO, read Stampin' Success on line, played with some of the new color combination's on the website, and sent out an email to my stamper's with the new information.  I also had a nap, and finished watching the DVD of Petticoat Junction from the library.  I am lovin' watching that, when the first episode started, it was like going home to be back on the porch of the Shady Rest, and in the parlor again!  It is just awesome that the library system gets all these old TV series on DVD!  I am a big fan of the inter library loan system and I order all my books, tapes, and movies on line and I just go in and pick them up when they arrive.  Love it!  Another thing I did was to make some changes on the blog and give it a new look.  I hope you like it!  Elaine

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  1. Hey, like your new look on the blog! It was a surprise though when I clicked on today. Also how can I find out about the new colors that SU has come up with? And any other new information that has come out of SU recently? That part of not being a SU demo I miss but not the spending of money to keep being one! LOL! From your previous blog entries, it seems you have been busy either sewing or stamping! You go girl!