Thursday, April 1, 2010

Show & Tell Part 3

Time for some more show and tell from the quilting retreat.  If you are reading my blog for the first time, look for previous posts about the quilting retreat.  The first picture is a project that Sandy had made that day.  She had signed up for a quilting class on Sat. of our quilting retreat by accident, so she left for the day and went to her class.  I believe this was called a reflection technique and things were sewn in one direction and then the other.  Quite complicated it sounded and a little hard to see in this picture so you may want to click on it and make it larger.  The green quilt is another one that she showed.  Beautiful work.  Next up with the following projects was Debbie with 3 adorable projects.  A gigantic log cabin quilt, purse, and rabbit wall hanging.
Today I spent a couple hours at the flea market cleaning and setting some things up.  It is so strange to be working on it so early this year.  Usually it is so dang cold that you can't be down there until the middle of April, or the last week of April.  I decided that I better get started before the weather get's cold and I can't be down there.  That would be my luck!  I went and picked up a few things I needed for down there after wards, made some lunch/supper, and hit the bed.  It doesn't take much to get pain running down my leg into my foot with setting up so I have to do it in little chunks.  I decided that I needed two of my little folding tables down there as I have lots of new things to put in.  One is cleared off and in the van and I need to finish cleaning off the other.  AND I will have to do some cleaning in the stamp room before I can work in there again.  I am sure Molly will be happy to have the Cricut out of my stamping chair so she can sit in it again!
Jenna called tonight and told me all about her ultra sound yesterday.  She was so excited.  They had a tech in there training so she said they got to spend lots more time with the baby!  She said you can see his little nose, that he yawned real big 3 times, likes to have his hands by his face, and that he didn't like being poked at.  She said that he would turn his face toward the inside of her tummy, and that he took his little foot and was kicking at where they were poking!  So he already was showing his little personality which Jenna thought was adorable, (and Grandma too!)!  They went to PF Changs after the ultra sound last night to celebrate and then they looked at a cherry baby crib and changing table.  Today she went and registered at Baby's R US and also talked about registering at Target and Kohl's.  Such a fun, exciting time in their lives and I love being a part of every minute of it!

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