Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trip to Marshfield

Hello!  Today I took Carol to Marshfield for more appointments.  The way things are going it does not look like she will be going back to work in 4 more weeks (8 weeks after the surgery) like they originally told her.  She saw some physical therapists today and they gave her stretching exercises to do.  She also had two other appointments about her neck.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she is still having a lot of pain.  We had breakfast when we first got to Marshfield and then I dropped her off at the clinic.  I went to St. Vinnies, Good Will, and Hancock Fabrics and then went to pick her up at 2:30.  They recommended that she use a back cushion so we went hunting for that store and she got one of those and we also stopped at Target.  A trip through Culver's drive thru for ice cream and we were headed back home.  We have to go back in three weeks again.  Today's photo is of a doll quilt that I finished last week.  I have plastic shoe boxes that I have all one size block in.  So these blocks were already cut for me and I just pulled them out and started sewing the center panel.  I wish that I had all of my scrap bags cut into blocks but I don't.  That is a project I need to work on.  But I have cut a lot of scraps up into pony tails and tissue holders.  It is kind of like paper scraps.  You can keep working on using them up but they still multiply as you are always making more of them.  I was watching Fons and Porter Quilting program last night and Liz said she had so many scraps she just started throwing them away!  It is hard for me to comprehend that some people do that, as scrap quilts are my favorite if they are done nicely and a solid is used some where to tie things together.  I use many scrap pieces for crafting.  If nothing else, a yo-yo can always be made out of it.  I think I found an old fabric feed sack today at Good Will.  They used to sell flour and sugar in fabric feed sack's years ago and then the women would make quilts with them.  I need to do a little research as I haven't seen one in a long time but I am pretty sure that this chunk of fabric that I got for 99 cents was one of them.  It looks like a print from that era.  Maybe I will take a picture of it tomorrow and show it to you.  Right now, I need to head to La la land as I have had a long day!  Have a good night!

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  1. I remember feed sacks! My Grandma and Dad used to raise chickens around the time of WW11 and chicken feed used to come in these also. I have a card table cloth that my mother -in- law made out of feed sack material. I also have some dish towels made out of feed sack material. Some of it was pretty and others not so pretty. A friend of mine used to have her dresses made out of feed sacks, her parents were farmers. I like that old material...guess you can figure out how old I am. Glad you like it to and will make something neat out of it.