Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wiped Out!

Good Afternoon!  Yesterday, I met Jenna in Madison at Panera Bread for lunch.  Then we headed over to David's Bridal to pick up the dresses and so that I could learn how to put up the bustle on the wedding dress.  We got everything loaded in the van that she wanted me to bring back here and then we headed over to Target to finish her Christmas shopping.  We got that done then headed to Michael's to pick up some more things for the wedding.  We parted in Madison and then I headed back for home.  My trac phone got a real work out yesterday between phone calls to both of the girls all day long yesterday.  Sarah and Zach met me at the Tanger Mall in the Dells so that they could pick up Sarah's dress.  We then discovered that Jenna and I had forgotten to pick something up there, and Sarah and Zach will go to get it this week.  :-(  I stopped at Family Dollar when I got back to town and dropped the wedding program cover's and candles off at the church.  By the time I got home it was 8:30 and I still had to haul dresses upstairs and unload the van.  The dresses got hung upstairs, the veil's put out to unwrinkle, and her white fur cape out of the package and hung up.  It looks like wedding land in the fabric room!  By this time I was exhausted and just left everything where it had landed in the kitchen.  I got my jammies on, grabbed the laptop and phone and called Diane as she had called several times looking for me.  She was suppose to go along with me on Friday but was having trouble with her furnace so didn't dare leave it.  I never even turned on the TV last night and the cat's and I fell asleep with the laptop tucked in by my side.  I was up several times to go to the bathroom and once to grab something to eat, but ended up staying in bed napping, and answering phone calls.  Jenna called this morning and we discussed a bunch more wedding stuff.  I need to make about 30 more treat boxes as we have had more responses come back in than which we orginally thought would which is wonderful.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate too.  Right now, we are at 70 adults and 20 kids, and I believe she invited around 100 people, mainly family and a few close friends.  A very good response considering that the wedding is 2 days after Christmas, and on a Sunday to boot!  Around 2 o'clock today, I finally crawled out of bed and got dressed.  I am still tired but not as bad as I was.  I get so exhausted some times that I can hardly breathe and this was one of those days.  I did get things put away and/or hauled upstairs today, got the mail and hauled some trash out.  I think I will go to do the rest of the stamping for the treat boxes, and then lay in bed, watch TV and cut them out!   Fortunately, I don't have to make the boxes, just the decorations for the tops of them!  Only 8 days left till the BIG DAY!!!!

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