Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tough Economic Times.....

Taffy Wilson reports that due to tough economic times....she has returned to school to get her master's degree in computers.  She also notes that Miss Elaine's friends on the IM think that her and Molly shop at night while Miss Elaine is sleeping.  This is simply not true noted Taffy Wilson (well..just a tiny bit.....we love fabric and we keep hauling that in at night while she is sleeping.  During the day we pretend to hate the UPS man.  But we really do hate his truck.)  Miss Elaine refuses to watch the news so that is the only time we can really find out what is going on out in the world is when she is sleeping (and with her weird sleep patterns, it is WORK for us just to find a time to get on the computer.)   Miss Elaine says she finds out enough news from her new's junkie friends.  Taffy says it was hard to find out that the world was in a recession as they eat really well but her first clue was when Miss Elaine started looking for coupon's on the internet for cat food and kitty litter.  I try to stay slim and trim Taffy notes.  But climbing the curtains at night really puts Miss Elaine in a bad mood.  They say on the computer that exercise is good for you, well when I exercise, the spray bottle seems to appear.  I don't think they know what they are talking about.  Studying seems to be a better solution.  It is a quiet activity and I don't get into trouble, in fact, she seems to think it is kind of cute.  You know the ole' saying....if Mama ain't happy....nobody's happy!  Time for a cat nap!......Stay tuned for more adventures of Molly and Taffy!

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