Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sewing Away....

I have been upstairs sewing today and just came down to have a sandwich and thought I would do today's blog post at the same time.  I made this little red and white striped t-shirt for Brooke's webkinz this afternoon.  It went together fast.  It reminded me of the days when my girls were little and I made a lot of little knit shirts and sweatshirts for them.  I used to dress them a like and I have lots of cute pictures of them in matching outfits.  The other picture's are of the reversible jacket I made for Brooke too.  Now that was an all day project but it turned out adorable.  I think she will really like it.

I got the treat boxes all finished last night and I am happy about that.  I was exhausted again by the time I got them done but I went back to bed this morning and slept in later.  I plan on having a quiet week to get rested up for the big weekend!  The van goes in the garage tomorrow to have the other 2 bearings fixed so I will be home.  I would like to make a trip to Practical Cents to see if I could find a little TV/VCR combo cheap that we could use at the wedding reception to keep the kids occupied.  I have a little box of stuff packed for them to do, but I know that movies would work best!  I have seen a lot of them in the past but probably won't be able to find one when I want it.  I should have thought about it sooner.  Oh biggie!  Back to work, I go!

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