Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Tags

Hello!  I have been up since 5:30 this morning as the van needed to be in the shop by 8 this morning.  So I couldn't go back to sleep.  I am now ready for a nap and think I will go take one after I finish this!  I have been working on some tags to go on some of my special package's.  I gave the gals that came to my holiday gift packaging class  print out's of some fun "saying" and gifts to go with them.  Here are a few that I chose to do this year for some gifts.  I found these cute little Sprite bottles and made up tags for them.  The rest of the tags I thought it would be easier for you to see if I just shot pictures of the tags rather than putting them on the gifts right away.  These go on can's of nuts, whoppers, and a package of mints.  Hmmm...who will the lucky recipients be !?!?!?  I have to tell you that creating tags out of scraps, and punched scrap's is one of my favorite things to do.  Hopefully after Christmas I will have time to "play" and make a bunch more to sell.   I called my sister last night and talked to her for a few minutes before she headed out the door for a meeting.  Brooke wanted to talk to me and she jabbered for about an hour.  She played Christmas Carol's on the piano for me and asked me if I would read her a story out of the Magic Story Tree Book.  I said sure and asked her which one she wanted to hear.  She said she didn't care so I asked her which one is her favorite and she said King Midas.  That is my favorite one too, and is Sophie's.  So I read that to her.  We also had to have a big discussion about the Webkinz, and how many outfits I had done now.   Also she wanted to know what kind of outfit one of them was, and the color of it.  Then she was satisfied.  It is interesting, you would think she would want to be surprised, but the fun of it all seems to be in the journey, the planning with Aunt Elaine.  She also told me that she had been to Hobby Lobby and she had bought 8 sheet's of special felt that we could make clothes for the Webkinz with when she came for Christmas.   She described all 8 pieces to me, in detail, along with all of her Webkinz, plus her Christmas dress.   She also read to me the letter I had wrote her a few weeks ago.  AND....she wants me to bring a sewing machine to Christmas!!!  Hmmmm....what do you think is more important!?!?  Opening presents or sewing with Aunt Elaine!?!?!  She also has been making capes for all the Webkinz and she asked if I had velcro as two of the capes that she made at her friend's house have velcro, the rest do not.  She is fortunate to have an Aunt who I swear she thinks is Mary Poppins and can just pull out what ever she thinks we need out of her magic carpet bag.  She is definitely a joy, and my little ray of sunshine.  I do wish she lived closer.  Now if I could only become Samantha of "Bewitched" and wiggle my nose and just "be" where ever I wanted  to would be absolutely perfect!

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