Monday, December 28, 2009

Jen's Wedding Pictures

The big day that we have all been waiting for arrived yesterday.  The wedding was gorgeous, the flower girl and ring bearer did an excellent job, it all went off with out a hitch.  I ran around doing things up until a minute before the wedding started, and I am not exaggerating about that.  I literally finished pinning Brittany's dress and then was walked down the aisle by Zach to my seat.  I am not a drinker....but could have used a stiff drink about then!  LOL  But from then on, everything went perfect and I cried while they were saying their vows.  Both Antonio and Jenna were just radiant and they enjoyed every second of their special day.  I only have about 40 pictures, I didn't take any at the reception, just relaxed and enjoyed things, in between more running around.  But the photographer's were taking pictures' every second of everything so I will have lot's later on I am sure.  They release everything they took to Jenna and then she can have whatever she wants made.  They don't put copyrights on them which is really nice.  Courtney Ryan, Jenna's childhood friend and her partner James do photography on the side.  We ended up with 93 people being there with 3 of them under the age 2.  The dinner was excellent, everyone had a nice time, it was a riot to watch the little kids dancing, an overall GREAT day! 

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