Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More ho, ho, ho, and off to the doctor we go!

The morning started off with an order for a Stampin' Up Gift Certificate.  So I made that up, and delivered that, dropped some stamping stuff back off at the church and then went to the library.  I had a CD waiting there to be picked up.  Sometimes it is a big surprise what I have ordered as sometimes it takes months and months to get something and by the time I get it, I have forgotten why I ordered it.  Today was one of those days.  Tonight I played it and now remembered why.  The CD is The Fray, The Fray.  I ordered it because I really like the song that is on it You Found Me.  Their music has been on Gray's Anatomy.  If you have not heard the song, it is about someone finding GOD on a street corner smoking a cigerette,  they have hit bottom, they feel they have been calling out to him for years and he has not heard them.  One of those songs you can kind of make your own interpretation of.  It kind of reminds me of a friend of mine who accepted GOD on a street corner as a young boy, yet some day's believes in GOD and other day's he doesn't.  On the days he does, he asks me many questions.  I pray that I answer them correctly and help him to move closer to him.
Any whoo....on with my day.  Lady Di and I headed over to Mauston this afternoon and she picked up some Christmas gifts that she ordered, we did some shopping at Walgreen's and then headed over to the Mile Bluff Clinic to my doctor's appointment.  I will do physical's and a mammogram in March.  I discovered that I am starting menopause, and what I thought was ovary pain is hip pain.  Another arthritis starting in this body.  I was not so thrilled to hear about that.  I was very surprised about that at first but should not have been as my dad, my uncle, and my late Aunt all had hip problems.  I always thought that when people had hip pain that it was on the outside of their hip, as that is where I have always had it in the past (part of the FM) not were it joins the body.  Dr. Bjelland showed me a picture of the hip that was on the wall and it all made sense then.  We discussed some other things and then I set up my up coming appointments and then Di and I headed over to Culver's for supper.  I got the cat box cleaned and dishes done tonight and I am now heading to bed.  I am glad to have picked up a few more gifts today.  Almost done with the shopping!  Have a good one!  Me

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