Friday, December 4, 2009

A good find!

Another busy day.  I cleaned out all my summer clothes and other stuff that doesn't fit and put it on the couch today.  I had Jessie come for about a half hour after school today to haul it all upstairs and we got it put away in the upstairs closet.  Then she packed up my Tastefully Simple and took it all downstairs.  I will have it set up at Curves next week if you wish to buy something.  Before I picked her up, I did some errands, and after I dropped her off I stopped at Practical Cents.  I was very fortunate to find what I went there for.  Can't tell is a surprise!  :-D  But I can tell you something that I did find and was absolutely thrilled about!!!  I have wanted for a couple of years one of those old hard case makeup cases that used to go with luggage sets.  You know...the one your mom had when you where a kid.  My mom had a blue one. Probably still does.  LOL  When you flip the top open there is a mirror inside of it and they usually have pockets with elastic at the top of them.  I have been searching for a nice one for sometime.  Usually they are all stained up bad or smell musty inside.  Well this one is really nice inside, and looks like brand new.  It is red and is pretty cool and the best part is that it only cost $3.00!  It is absolutely perfect.  I will be able to put my hot airbrush, hairspray, gel, makeup, meds, etc. all in one case.  Yippee skip!  Ah, the little things that make me happy!  I am now ready for a road trip but there will be no road trips for me till after the wedding.  Speaking of which, it is only 3 weeks away now!  Jenna Lee called when we were working upstairs this afternoon and they got every thing done for their marriage license and will be able to pick it up next week!  So we are very happy about that, and I called Sarah to share the good news!  She is still not feeling well and they decided that they won't be able to go to Iowa to Zach's nephew Henry's baptism tomorrow.  They don't want to take a chance on getting everyone sick.  I hope she is feeling better by Sunday as they are going to be God Parent's for Memphis on Sunday and Sarah is so excited about that.  She just loves little Memphie (as she calls her) to pieces!  As soon as she feels better, she is coming here to learn how to sew and make her a baby quilt.  Well...I'd better hip hop off to bed!  Have a great weekend!  Elaine

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