Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer School

Today I had the privilege of speaking to the two summer school scrap booking classes that Linda Grignano and Danna Petersen are teaching. In 2006 when Nadine Ashworth and Linda Grignano were teaching it, I came in and spoke to each class for about 15 minutes. In 2007 my health wasn't the greatest during that time period so I didn't go to summer school. I was invited in 2008 to come back and speak again. That year, and this year, I spoke to the children the entire class period. Summer school starts at 8:30 and there are two classes in the morning with the second ending around 11:30. So for about 3 hours I talked non stop. Now, most of you who know me won't be surprised at that! LOL But the surprising thing is, that the kids sat like little angels the whole time! I showed them my scrap book and showed them different techniques that I did in it. I talked to them about the importance of journaling and using acid free products. About planning, labeling, and making titles on your pages and much more. We had a wonderful time and I hope that some day that some of these kids will be in my future classes. I let them each pick out an Artist Trading Card to keep and they loved that. During their break, one of the little girls showed me this card she made of her hand. She embossed the fingernails so they would look like nail polish! What a clever idea and how she came up with the verse to go with it "Everyone needs a helping hand!". Look out Hallmark...here she comes! I took pictures of the kids for you to see and took two of each group, just to show them by taking pictures at different angles how different the pictures look. They were pretty surprised by that and could really understand why it was important to move around when you were taking pictures. At the very end of the second class, one of the teacher's said to me that Mattie had something she wanted to show me. She brings this card out from under the table and starts telling me that they had all sat around the table with Mrs Petersen one day and that they had all designed this card together as a group. She told me step by step how they had made it. And that they wanted me to have it to thank me for coming to talk to them! Aww...did that touch my heart and I will treasure that card forever. I guess she had pulled one of the teacher's aside and asked if they could give it to me. So this was all her own idea. The saying was so appropriate as I had talked a lot to them about memories, preserving them, friends and family. This is what the saying on the card says: Friends are the flowers in memory's scented garden. So very true! Thanks Mattie and the summer school classes....you made my day and another memoriy I will treasure!

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  1. What a nice day you had! Does it get any better than that? You have captured some young minds and inspired them and I'll bet there are going to be a lot of scrappers and card makers coming up. Those two cards tell me they are well on their way to a life time hobby. Good work Miss Elaine! You love what you do!