Thursday, July 30, 2009

More RAKS!!!!

Yesterday when I was talking to Melissa on the phone, she told me that Isabelle and her had been to Goodwill in the Rapids that day. She said that they had ran into Tammy Renner who mentioned that every time she goes to Goodwill that she see's some blue glass and that she automatically thinks of me. Tammy rak'd me with a blue glass basket at Christmas time last year that is beautiful! Any how, Melissa tells me that Isabelle was going to RAK me as she had spotted the perfect thing for me and had asked her mother if she could get it for me. I babysat for Isabelle this afternoon while AJ and Melissa set up there new stall at the flea market. So Isabelle came in the door with this for me today! She tells me how she found this and that she remembered that I collected Hershey's things and that she didn't think that I had this and that it would go good with my things. She was right, I don't have this. I do have a littler stuffed Hershey's kiss that is different and isn't as nice as this one. Isabelle made a tag that she had attached to the top of the kiss, along with the Owl stamp set that Melissa gave me for watching twirpy. I had mentioned on Tuesday that I had found a new owl stamp set last week and had gotten it for half price when I was with Debby and that I was really getting into owls lately. So now I have another owl to play with and the saying that goes with it is so cute. It says: A wise man once said...Follow your dreams, except the one where you're at work in your underwear. Too funny.....and I have had that dream myself many times!
Isabelle and I had a great time this afternoon. She talked nonstop for the first hour that she was here. She brought sucker's for us and we were sitting on the couch licking them and talking. If any one had seen us...they probably would have thought we were both kids. Then she was showing me how to do some origami that she learned how to do in summer school. We made paper airplanes and had airplane fights (aka known as shooting them at each other!). Then she wanted to make a card and before you know it...her mom was back. She wasn't too keen about going home, but did. Thanks again for the goodies today! Mr. Hershey is looking down on me from the computer tower right now! Hugs & Kisses! Boo

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