Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Bungalow

Good Morning! Happy Fourth of July Weekend! I had supper last night with Mom, Dad, Sarah, Zach, Dale and Judy Jefferson. It was nice to see the Jefferson's again. They usually spend the night of the 4th with us. We had an excellent supper last night. Then we visited, Sarah and Zach left to go visit the Camps, and the rest of us watched the fireworks. Murphy's and Ashworth's had a fantastic display of fireworks and there were other people shooting fireworks over the lake to but I don't know who had those. It ended around 10:30 with the playing of Taps. A very nice ending to a beautiful display. I swear it get's bigger and better every year. When I went home there were cars all over the place on East Lake Street and I had to wait quite a while to cross 13 as there was so much traffic so I am guessing that the beach was packed too. We could hear all the people cheering. Oh...and I forgot that there were all kinds of boats out on the lake this year with people on them watching too. I guess the word is out about how nice the fireworks are. Thank you for making our 4th special!!!! I know Nadine will be reading this so I will send a special hug out to her! Thanks buddy!

Jenna is in the process of moving and I thought I would share the pictures of her new place. It is adorable and she is renting the lower half of this bungalow. She was off on Thursday and Friday and hopefully got alot done. I can't wait to see it after she has settled in. It will be cute I am sure. Make it a great day!

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  1. Wow, this is a cute house. Will she have the area that includes the enclosed front porch? Looks like it is in a nice area too.