Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rooster Towel

This is a towel that I embroidered for Colleen last fall.  I have had a box sitting here that I have kept adding to with her birthday and Christmas presents.  I finally got it mailed out on Saturday, and she received it on Tuesday.  She said that she almost cried when she opened her gifts that she was so touched as they all were so perfect for her.  WOW!  That made me feel good.  She loves this towel so much that she is thinking of framing it.  Silly girl.  I told her to just use it, it is only a towel.  But she would not listen to me, so we finally ended the conversation with me saying " do what you want."  I am glad she liked her the towel and her package.

Otherwise, there is not much new around here except that I talked with both of the girls each a couple of hours yesterday while crafting away.  I got 24 cards done yesterday which I am very happy about.  The plan is to make more today.  I ordered a new tire for the van yesterday and they will be putting that on the van on Friday, so it will be nice not to have to worry about that tire going flat any more.  Make it a great day!  Elaine

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  1. Love the Rooster towel. Of course I would since I have roosters in my kitchen! I also have a rooster towel that I made myself and it is done in the red thread too. I saved it for awhile and decided, what the heck, I might as well use it! So I do. Have been enjoying all your projects. Keep them coming!