Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Material Girl Line

This is a card I made for Diane's birthday with paper I bought at Archivers last year.  It is Cosmo Cricket's material girl line.  I had seen a bunch of cards made with and fell in love with it.  I was really tickled to find it there.  I love the 50's and 60's ish look to it.  I so love things from that era, and find myself wanting to drag them home when I see them.  My girls will probably strangle me (if I am not already dead) when they have to clean out this house!  LOL  Oh well, alot of my "stuff" should be collectible and worth some money for them.  I bought this paper with some gift money that someone gave me (you know who you are!).  The little lace circle with rosette on top was a thrift store find.  Only 10 of them in that pack and I have already used up 3 of them.  Wish I had more.  They are too cute.  I think I will have to make up my own  version of them.  Hmmmm....maybe a future goody for those that participate in bringing something they have made for show and tell.  I stuck a few pins into it to add some cuteness and to go with the sewing theme.  The button was tied with some baker's twine.  Another thrift store find.  A HUGE roll.  I should shoot a picture so you can see how big it is.  The gals used some on their Valentine this month, and also received a bundle to take home with them.  I can hardly wait to see what they used it on for show and tell next month.  Inside the card I stamped the saying: Friendship is sewn with love and measured with kindness.
I just got back from a bank run (no...I am not robbing bank's these days...just depositing), a trip to the post office to mail off two Tags Your It, and a stop at my local haunt, Practical Cents.  I found a large bag of fusible interfacing, and a pack of half back pearls.  They are revamping the store, and it is half empty and they are moving all the displays around.  Mason raked in as they have children's clothing half price.  I found 4 button down shirts for him in various sizes that I am going to make matching ties for, so that he can wear them to church.  I found a pattern for children ties on line at etsy before Mason was born.  The first size I found was a 6 to 9 months so will have to hop on this project soon as he is in 3 to 6 months now.  That would make a nice Valentine's gift don't you think?  Also found him an adorable green and navy one piece out fit that has a dinosaur on the front and says Noise maker (lol).  I am sure his mother will agree on that one. As yesterday she told me he was "whining".  :-)  Not my angelic grandson!  He would never whine.
You will be proud of me as I did not drag home the red plastic handled silver wear I saw today.  It would look cute on my formica top 50's kitchen table, but I restrained myself and left it there.  Well time to get back to work.  Have a good one!  Elaine

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