Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cleaning up cat hair...grrr...

I love my kitties, but sure do not like all the cat hair around here.  I just cleaned up a table in the stamping room that is by the windows and it had cat hair all over it.  As usual!

I didn't get my bind-it-all project finished last night.  I have 8 of them all finished and ready to decorate, but lost the mojo last night so I decided that I would wait till today to finish them.  So I got under a blanket on the bed, and watched TV with the kitties curled up by me and crocheted.  They were happy about that.  If they had their way, I would be there all the time.  Stamping and sewing bores them.  But they get all excited when I go to the bathroom as they know it is petting time.  Taffy will run just as fast as she can to beat Molly  It is  pretty funny.  Especially that  I have TWO hands and can pet both of them at the same time.  It took them along time for them to agree to do that.  They are territorial and usually respect each other on that.  Now and then Molly gets mad and hisses at Taffy about it if Taffy is laying on my legs on the bed and Molly thinks she should be there instead.  Speaking of the she comes up on the computer desk wanting some petting!!  

Here are some more tags.  People love the flower ones I make with punches.  They always seem to go out first so I try and make a lot of those.

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