Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coffee and Friends Post A Note

I love this color combination.  I think the little red check pattern takes you to a fun place, drinking coffee in a cafe with a friend.  A post a note pad is inside and a little pen is stuck in the outside holder.

Yesterday, I went to Marshfield with Carol for a doctor's appointment.  We went to two quilt shops, Target, and Vinnies.  I love the upstairs of the Marshfield Vinnies, I usually find a bag full of crafting treasures, and as usual, I did again yesterday.  I sure wish that one was closer to home.  Oh well, it is a treat when I do get there.  We had lunch at Hudson's for the first time, and it was a very interesting place.  It is in a 50's theme, and they have all kinds of old tin signs on the wall, old gas pumps, and street lights, and they are all original ones, not reproductions.  We really enjoyed it and the food was very good!

I need to wave my magic wand around here this morning .....also know as housework :-(  and then I am going to be crafting.  I have some more idea's of things that I wish to make.  Have a great weekend!  Elaine

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  1. More cute Post it Notes! I have had a coffee/tea stamp for some time and finally used it a week ago to make a money holder in my grandson Matt's birthday card. It turned out pretty nice. He always stops for a cup of coffee on his way to teach school in the morning. Of course for Christmas a year ago we gave him a little black coffee pot but guess he does not like to take time to make coffee on school mornings. Whatever works!