Sunday, January 2, 2011

Be My Valentine Card

This is a card I made with the new individual stamp that is in the new Stampin' UP! Occasion Mini that starts on January 5th.  The stamp is called Be My Valentine.  I love the old fashioned look to it, and the paper is new DSP we have for Valentines day.  Doesn't this card look cute sitting on the old red doily.  I found this doily in the thrift shop a few weeks ago, and it "had" to come home with me.  It looks so cute on my old kitschy 50's table.
Today, I spent the day down in Reedsburg with Sarah, and Zach.  I had a fun day showing Sarah how to use the sewing machine I gave her, and teaching her how to sew.  She made a table topper for one of her tables, did some sewing on one of my projects, and I got her started on a little rag quilt that she is going to give her niece.  I didn't think to bring my camera, but she said she would take some pictures tomorrow and shoot them up to me, so hopefully she will do that and I will be able to show you.  I bet she will be doing a lot of home decor type projects, and probably rag quilts as she told me today that they are her favorite kind of quilts.  She has 2 of them in her living room that I made that they use all the time.  She also told me that rather than sewing new clothing from scratch right away like she had originally planned, she thought she would go to the thrift store and pick up clothing she liked, and redo it, make it bigger or smaller.  I told her that would be hard, and she didn't think it would be fun, and cheaper to do.  The latter is she is right about, fabric is not cheap, and sizing something down that cost a few dollars, would be cheaper, but altering is not easy work in my opinion, but I would rather make something from scratch any day than mend.  Hee Hee.  But knowing Sarah, she will do this, and do an excellent job at it.  She was the kid who would decide that she would want a jean skirt, and she would cut up her jeans, grab some fabric, and go into my sewing room and start sewing with out any help/nor sewing machine lessons.

It was so fun to watch her sew today.  She sews slower than a snail, I did not know that you could make the foot  pedal go that slow...ha ha.  But she is accurate, and meticulous, and if she stays as a perfectionist as she is right now, she will quickly surpass me in sewing, and I am certain, if she eventually gets into quilting, that she will make award winning quilts.  Their dog Hunter, decided today that I am his best friend.  Sarah said to me after I was there an hour or so, Hunter really likes you.  And she was right about that, I have always gotten along fine with him, but today, he decided that I was the cat's meow!  He was by me most of the day, playing, being petted, or laying by my feet.  It is funny how animals decide how they like.  Chow for now!  Elaine

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