Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh Baby!

This is the new personalized stamp I ordered from STAMPIN' UP! to stamp on the back of my greeting cards and stamped projects. According to the angel policy, you can use STAMPIN' Up!'s stamps to make things to sell but you have to have STAMPIN' UP on it. I ran out of baby cards today at the flea market so made a few up tonight after I woke up from my nap. I really like making baby cards, they are fun to do. It is fun to use the pastel colors. As my friend Colleen in Oregon love the Soft Subtles and Earth Elements. She is right about that. I think those color families mix and match the best. If someone is new at making cards, I would suggest starting with the Soft Subtles. There is no way you can come out with a bad color combination using them! Colleen also gives me a bad time about using Chocolate Chip so much. I wonder if they got a storm on the coast tonight as we were Iming and suddenly she was off line and hasn't been back on. I think the internet has been kind of glitchy the past few days. Some of the emails I have sent to people with Verizon have been bouncing back.

The weather was fabulous here in Mayberry today. I love can stay this temperature forever. I bought a cool old ladder today from my next door neighbor's, Jessie's folks, at the flea market today. I have been wanting one for displaying quilts on for years. I would love to bring it home but don't know where I would put it at the moment, unless it went upstairs in my sewing room and I would hate to hide it away up there. It is too cool for that. So for now it will stay down in the stall and I will use it for displaying things there. I believe it was hand hewn, it is grey, rough, and weathered looking. Pretty neat.

I made 7 more hair clips today so now have a total of 13 done. I need to get more cut out so I will work on something else tomorrow. Either I will stitch towels or do more coloring of images. Enjoy this wonderful weather! Boo

The card above has a little tag hanging from the ribbon that say hello baby. When I was taking the picture, I didn't think to check to make sure that it was showing!

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