Thursday, September 17, 2009

what's up TWEETIE?

Hello...another busy day in Mayberry. The bridal shower invitations are all done and are ready to go to Sarah. I have made 3 different wedding invitations to show Jenna so far and plan on doing some more. My luck, she will say, "I like this part on that one, and this part of this one......". It will be interesting to see which one she picks out.

I made Suddenly Salad, and baked muffins and brownies today. I put some of my little roma tomato's in the salad and they were a nice addition. My tomato plant is still producing and I picked some more again this afternoon. There are still lots of tomato's on it. I hope that they ripen before it freezes. I have such nice southern windows that I bet if the plant were in the house, I could keep it going awhile. But that will never work with Molly and Taffy as they would turn it into mince meat. When Sarah first gave it to me and I had to bring it in at night, I put it in the bathroom in the bathtub and took the cats food and litter box out of there and shut the door so they couldn't go near it as they were just fascinated with it. I think because it smells so strong. I don't actually like to touch the vines as I don't care for the smell. Real pug net. The cats are running around right now like little wild child's. Last night Taffy took a running leap from the couch to the window sill and she hit the window so hard that I thought it might break. She look at me like she was seeing stars...tee hee. I think she thought she could fly. And if once weren't enough....she did it again and flew into the stack of baskets. I think she must have decided after the second time that it hurt. She definitely is good don't have to even turn on the TV....and it is FREE to boot! :D Love my babies!

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