Sunday, September 20, 2009


Another weekend is over and it was another beautiful day. Breezy added some 2 x 4's to the bottom of my clothes rack that he had put on wheels for me. The base wasn't wide enough and it tipped over yesterday. Now it stands pretty good although we decided that it should have some braces on the side of it some time in the future. But at least it is not tipping over now. I sold Melissa one of my display fixture's today and she came over and picked it up. Isabelle let me take some pictures of her with a hair clip in her hair so I am going to print some of them and put them in the stall so people can see how they look on little girls. I have had some nice compliments on them so far. In the quiet times today, I was scheming on how I want to change things for next year. Breezy will probably bat me....but will good naturely do it. As long as I wait patiently till he has time, he is glad to do things for me. Right now he is trying to get his house in Janesville ready for rent/or sale, so we are in the patiently waiting mode. LOL
Susie was over tonight after I got home from the flea market to pick up a few things and to visit. I have been returning phone calls since then and have did dishes, folded clothes, wrapped Dianna's birthday present, and made her a card. I am pretty much played out and ready to hit the hay. I think I will go down early tonight as last night I didn't sleep much. Have a good one. Me

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