Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cleaning the scrapbook room......

Wow...this little stamping girl is tired! I had planned to go to bed at 9 but kept plugging away at cleaning my scrap booking room. I got home from the flea market early today, about 1, due to some rain and wind that blew up. I hadn't planned on cleaning the scrap book room, it just sorted of happened. I guess I can blame it on I have this saying that you can put in a card that says "We have been through a lot together, and most of it is your fault! We love that saying and laugh hard about it as it is so true in our friendship! Any who...she RAK'd me with a whole bunch of cool stamping stuff yesterday. I had set it on the kitchen counter yesterday and decided to put it away today. I dumped the buttons in my button drawer right away but had all these little packages of embellishments and I was trying to figure out where to put them. I finally decided to put them in a basket as my current system for them wasn't working. I now had too many. I should rephrase you can never have too many embellishments. But they wouldn't fit on the ring that I currently had them on. So....I decided to put them in a basket. I divided up the basket with little containers so that they would be easy to find and they would be organized. Then I started looking on the table by the window as I had been throwing things that I had been picking up at thrift shops or garage sales on it for sometime and decided that I wanted these things in the basket too. So that led me to cleaning that table completely off and washing it, putting different things on there, then doing the same to my cutting table, the stamping desk, etc. I also had a bin of left over projects from parties and stamp camps that I had not made up from the last year. A lot of them I had made up right after the event but I had a shoebox full that I hadn't. So I sorted all that card stock, ribbon, envelopes, pattern paper, and strips into piles. At least this time, I didn't wait 2 years to sort it like I did the last time. That time it took me DAYS to sort and file it as I wasn't selling cards then and hadn't made up hardly ANY of the extra packets! By 3:30 I decided that I need to rest, and I fell asleep around 4 watching Dancing with the Stars. I woke up at 5 all disoriented. I had slept so hard that it felt like I had slept all night. I looked and could see it was light out and thought it was morning. All of a sudden I could smell my chicken in the slow cooker and flew out of bed as I thought I had left it in there all night! While flying out of bed, I saw my alarm clock and it was 5 pm! What a nut....!!!! I wake up like that a lot after naps on flea market days. That really tires me out and I sleep hard when I get home! So I had some chicken and started back in on my cleaning project. I have it pretty well done, just a tiny pile on the kitchen table that I need to go through but I am exhausted so it will have to wait. But boy does it all look nice!

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