Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Milwaukee Trip

Hello! The past few days have been a whirlwind, between running around, phone calls, people stopping over for stamping order's and to visit. Just how I like it...hee hee....mentally...but my body says "No.....cut it out!" !!!!! I think I need to go back to Milwaukee to get some rest. Usually it is the other way around, but we didn't run around as much as usual and when Jenna was off, we watched a couple of our favorite shows together, Castle, and Gray's! And we talked...and we talked...and we talked more! Most nights we didn't get to bed till 1 am! But most days I managed to sneak a nap in before Jen got home. And we went to a Market America meeting. And Jenna did her first presentation for Market America while I was there. This is her new side business, and man is she excited about it and that is one of the reason she wanted me to be in Milwaukee last week, because she wanted me to see what the business is all about. If you are looking to earn extra money, or would like to save time and money by internet shopping, talk to me and I will give you Jenna's card and you can visit her website and talk to her more about it. I think it is really going to be a good thing for them. I bought some ink cartridges through her web store and saved a bundle! And in the next month if you sign up as one of her preferred customer's, you will automatically get 2% back on all your purchases. A lot of the stores you may already be purchasing from as they have over 3000 partner stores, such as Walmart, Best Buy, Joanne's, Kohl's, etc.

I arrived in Milwaukee on Monday afternoon, a couple of hours before Antonio got home from work and I sat in the yard on the tail gate of the van with my computer! You all would have been laughing...I am sure I was probably quite the site....can't leave home with out it! So I had all my email and blog hopping all done when Antonio got home. We decided that we would rest awhile before going out to dinner and I zonked out. He was watching "My Antonio" a show like the bachelor, when I got up. And then we watched a little bit of Dancing with the Stars. He took me out to there favorite Mexican restaurant where I ate that big fish on a previous visit. This time I had enchilada's. Antonio who knows everyone there...talked to the cook and told him how to prepare it for me and told the cook that I didn't like spicy things. FYI: I found out that the RED sauce they use to make them is not spicy. We had the usual tortilla chips and some sort of chopped up fish, plus they have different hot stuff in this lazy susan too but I don't try those! The food was very good. We sat at the bar and ate. Antonio likes to sing to the Mexican music. He just belts it out and doesn't worry about who hears him! Fortunately, he has a good voice. He had talked to these two guys when we came in and told them that he was out with his mother in law (they know Jenna too). It was pretty funny as they were watching (and listening) to Antonio and I laugh and talk. The one guy said something to Antonio about us but I couldn't hear it all. Antonio goes to the bathroom and the guy asks me my name and shakes my hand. On the way home I asked Antonio about this and he says that the guy was telling him that all mother in laws should be like me and accept who there daughter is marrying. That everyone should have this type relationship with there mother in law. I thought that was a pretty nice compliment. Sasha, the bartender, told me how much she loved Jenna, and what a cute couple they were and how good they get along. After we got home Antonio and I watched TV together and talked. Jenna got home from work around 11:30 and we visited till 1. She had wanted Antonio to bring me to her Olive Garden for dinner so that she could see me (sooner) and he said no way was he going to an Olive Garden after he had worked at one all day long and they love to go to that Mexican place. Do not ask me how to pronounce it! LOL

Tuesday Jenna and I talked and watched Castle in the morning and talked all afternoon, Antonio brought us home these Mexican sandwiches that you can buy on the street. I had one the last time I visited, a Hawaiian one and I had asked if we could have them one night when I visited. Antonio said of course, as he loves them too, and also LOVES it when I LOVE mexican food. He told me one time that most Americans won't even try it. I snapped the picture's above before we left for the Market America meeting in the evening. Antonio fell asleep on the couch and was snoring logs and I started shooting pictures, and Jenna was laughing. Antonio doesn't even know that I took them as he was still sleeping when we left! I met some of Jenna's Market America friends at the meeting and afterwards we headed to Border's Bookstore, one of our favorite places to go when I visit. We only got about 15 minutes there which was good for our pocket books before they closed the store. Then we went to Houlihan's as Jenna wanted a bite to eat. I had a yummy ice cream dessert, and we got talking again and we didn't get home till midnight, got talking some more and before we knew it, it was one am again. Jenna had a whole list of things we were suppose to do for the wedding, but she was just content talking so none of that got done. We did discuss how we were going to decorate the table's at the reception, so that is decided. I had bought a Just Cards magazine at Border's and had set it down in the booth at Houlihan's. All of a sudden, I looked down and watched it slide down in between the cushion of the booth! I am thinking man...that is money that just went down the drain. But Jenna said that the seats in Olive Garden's booth's lift up so you can clean under them so we would be able to get it out. So when we left we tried to lift it up, and couldn't. Then we flagged down a gal and she couldn't get it to lift either, and finally we got our waiter and he was able to lift it up and fish it out for me. They obviously do not clean under their booth's as it was filthy. Fortunately my magazine stayed safe in the bag! Just thought you would get a kick out of this story. As you know...I always have some story to tell!

Wednesday, every one was working and I worked on a Yo-Yo quilt that I am finishing for a woman who's mother passed away and did stuff on the computer. I didn't think I was going anywhere that day as Jenna had to work till 8 and then she needed to go to Office Max after that so I had stayed in my jammies. You know how I love my pajama days! Any how...Antonio had tried to call me and my cell phone had ran out of charge (I forgot the plug in charger at home, and just had the car charger along), so when he came home, he brought supper for us and asked me to go over to Roberto's (his brother & where they used to live). I said sure as I love all of them, so I took a quick shower and off we went. The little boys came running out to me. They didn't know I was coming and they were so happy to see me. Even little Saul remembered me and gave me a big smile and came to me right away and he hadn't seen me for a couple of months. Edith was working and big Roberto gave me a tight bear hug. The boys wanted me to come and visit again the next day but I told them I couldn't because we were having the party at the house. I showed them the flea market website and they loved seeing the pictures as Roberto and Dusty were here on Memorial Day weekend and had spent a lot of time there. I showed them how to Favorite it and my blog so they could look at it when every they wanted to. Antonio had gotten us pulled pork and the mexican things that are made in the corn husks. I can't keep the names all straight (nor say them, most of the time!) Any how they were delicious. Dianna got dropped off by us and later went home with us. Jen was home by the time we got there. I think we got to bed around midnight that night. Thursday morning I slept in and then Antonio and I were running around town picking up stuff for the party. We had a great time. When we were checking out at Aldi's the clerk asked Antonio "If he was taking his mother grocery shopping?" He says Yes. We told her that I was his future mother in law and she thought that was so nice. I am laughing and thinking to myself, how different this is than Mayberry where no one would ask a Mexican if the white woman he is with is his mother!?! But when Antonio and I were watching his favorite Mexican program (a soap opera of sorts), I found out that there are white Mexican's. I did not know that. Antonio's father is white and his mother is black. After all our errands, I baked cupcakes and beer bread for the Market America get together, made up Warm the Oven cheese spread (which everyone loved!), cut up cheese and sausage, etc. And Antonio made us Sopa's(?) for supper which were excellent. I was teasing Antonio that I had eaten so much different Mexican food that soon I would be running around with a sombrero on. He says to me...Momi, Mexican women don't wear sombrero's. I said I know...I am teasing you, and we laughed.

Jenna had just told us to make cupcakes, a cheese and sausage tray, to keep it simple. Well, Antonio just couldn't do that and was buying this and that, pineapple, cantaloupe, guacamole chips, tortilla chips, olives, 2 different sausages, 2 packs of cheese, salsa (that was my idea as we had so many chips. (They are probably STILL eating food from the party! LOL No one walked away hungry...that is for sure! I met some of their friends and the guys that will be standing up in the wedding. So that was nice. Speaking of the wedding. They liked the sample invitations that I had brought along very much and we decided (like I thought) that we will combine some idea's from a couple of them. So I will make a few more this week for them to see when they come this weekend. I spent some time with Dianna while they were talking with their friends after the presentation and we had a great time as usual.

On Friday, Jenna and I went back to bed after she took Dianna to school, and then got up around 11 and watched the season premiere of Gray's Anatomy. I had planned on leaving early but we talked most of the day so I got a late start home. I sure had a great time and didn't want to come home. I do love staying with them. Until my next adventure....good night!

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  1. I so enjoyed hearing about your Milwaukee Trip! I can see that you have a great relationship with Antonio, Jenna and everyone else! You will be a good mother-in-law and that is a most important thing. He is a lucky man...in more ways than one!