Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just Buzzin By and Friends 24/7

Good Evening! These are some cards that we made last month at Sandy Wellumsun's stamping party. They were a big hit, especially the little bee's. The gals loved them. I made up the extra packets I had cut and I have sold all of them. This afternoon, I was working on next month's stamp camp. I finished a couple of project's for it so I am happy about that. I went to Jessie's volley ball game tonight and that was fun to see. She had asked me on Sunday if I was coming and I told her that I would try to. Can't let my girl down and I was glad to be able to spend that hour there tonight. When my girls were in high school, I had some rough years health wise and my back was really bad. When I bought my ticket tonight for the game, I asked if I could bring a chair in because I couldn't sit on the bleachers and the gal said sure, that she wouldn't say anything about it. (It might have helped that I knew her.) As I was sitting there on my chair, before the game started....I was thinking about how far along I had come in accepting my illness and not worrying about what other's thought. I missed so many of the girls events because I was in such terrible pain and was too proud to ask if I could bring a chair in the gym or I was in too much pain to sit, period. I didn't want to embarrass them or myself by "doing such a thing". I was only 34 at the time, way too young to be disabled, and way too young to accept it. It was a hard process, and I am sure glad that I am at a point in my life that I don't care what people think! Make the most of your days....you never know what life has in store for you! Hugs! Boo

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