Friday, June 5, 2009

Upsy Daisy and Curly Label Punch Bundle

Good Evening! I am baking a Nana's Apple Cake right now to give out tomorrow at the flea market for samples. If you have not had sure is yummy. It tastes a lot like apple crisp only it is firm like a cake. Delish!

Today's card uses the stamp set Upsy Daisy (the flowers) and the sentiment is from the Curly Label Punch Bundle. The punch will still be available but the stamps are retiring this month. Blue is my favorite color so this card makes me smile. I inked up flower's with the Baja Breeze on the ink pad, then took a marker to the inked stamp to make the tips darker. This will work with out ruining your marker if you go light first, and then to dark. You can't do it the other way around.

I had an interesting day today. After a very good nights sleep (for a change!) Jenna called this morning and we had a long visit before I had to get ready to leave for the day. We made plans for me to come to Milwaukee in a few weeks to go wedding dress shopping! Yippee! I returned a call later to my mom who had seen a picnic basket at a garage sale this morning. I buzzed on down there and I could not believe my good fortune that it was still there! Another one for my collection, and I have to say this is the prettiest and the cheapest one I have bought!!! It was $4.00. When I was in the antique business, this type picnic baskets were selling for minimum of $25.00 so I don't know what they are getting for them now....more I am sure! Note to my girls: keep mom's picnic baskets when she is gone or get a good price for them! I also found a like new bread machine for $5.00. I used to have a large one and quite a few years ago, my sister and I decided to trade as she has a little one, and larger family, I had the big one, and just me. Well...I later wished I hadn't done that as my old bread recipes wouldn't work in the new one. So I am thrilled to have found this one today. I will test it out and if I like this one, I will sell the other one. This is the first garage sale I have been to this year, can you believe it??? I can't, that is for sure. But it seems like we have been going to Di's doctor's appointment's most Friday's. This afternoon we had to take her dog Bernie to the Rapids to get his haircut. She gave me the nicest thank you card for taking her to the doctor's appointments today. We were on our way to the Rapids and if we wouldn't have been going down the road...I would have given her a big hug as she said the sweetest things in it. (Knowing Di..she probably planned it that way so I COULDN'T give her a hug! LOL) And...she said she has something else for me, that is if she can find it and she was hoping she didn't throw it away! I said throw it away!?!? Is it that small? And she said yes, that she had gotten me a gift certificate for Michaels. She said remember last week when we were at the checkout at Michael's and after you got checked out I told you to go get the car and get the air conditioning going? I said yeah...well I was getting it then! Pretty sneaky Lady Di...I never suspected a thing. She did find the receipt so I have that, hopefully she will find the gift card. Back to the story....I think I should change the name of this blog to Elaine's random ramblings...LOL We hit GoodWill, Shopko, and a couple of garage sales before going to Apple Bee's for dinner. I had my usual Cowboy burger with Strawberry Lemonade. I sure do love those Angus burger's!!! Burger's come right after Chocolate on my list of favorite foods. When I was growing up and we would be on vacation and in a restaurant, I would always order a burger and fries. My folks would say don't you want to try something new? And I would say "no". And we most always were gone 2 to 3 weeks. Somethings never change. I will leave you with one more blast from the past. You can blame Yogi Bear for my love of picnic baskets. "Come on boo boo bear....lets go steal some picnic baskets!" Stop over and see my new one! :D Boo

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