Sunday, June 14, 2009

True Friend

Hello! The weekend is over...Yahoo! I had a nice weekend but am looking forward to 5 days in a row of creativity!!! Playtime for Elaine! I was pleasantly surprised by 2 of my stamper's today who were down to visit me! Sandy Renner and Sue Paape stopped in. Good to see you gals!
Jessie and I worked on punching down the scraps again today until she had to leave at 1 and then I was on my own with them. My bin of scraps is now about 1/2 full! It takes so much time to punch them but I will have lots of new stuff for my $50.00 order box! I decided to do the Sweet & Sassy challenge and here is the sketch and here is my card. Drop me a line...tell me what you think!
Oh...I almost forgot to tell you that I now have 11 tomato's on my tomato plant! I spotted 4 of them yesterday and another 7 today! It will be BLT time soon! The way this plant is starting, I will be able to feed the whole town...tee hee. Just bring your own bottle, bread, and lettuce and I will provide the tomato's and mayo...ha ha! Have a good night! Elaine


  1. Such a pretty card - I love your colours!
    I'm still waiting on my tomatoes ... they're only just starting to flower!

  2. Very lovely card. I too love the colors you chose to play with! Enjoy your five days! :-) Kim