Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Computer Problems

Hello! I suppose you all have been wondering where I have been at !?!?! Well..it hasn't been crafting as planned. The monitor went out on my computer on Monday morning. I have never had a monitor go down so didn't know if it was really out or not. After about an hour an a half with being on the phone with Dell, they determined that the monitor was shot and the computer was fine. So I ordered a new one from them, and then hopped in the shower and decided to go to Best Buy and get a new lap top. My computer will be five years old in October and I have never had to have repair work done so I figure that I am running on borrowed time. I have 2 keyboards as I found the exact replica to mine for $4.00 thrift shopping a few months ago. I have spilled on my current one atleast 5 times and it still works....tee hee. I finally put a clamp on cup holder on the side of my computer desk. My printer is fairly new and I still have my old one. So I decided that it was worth getting the monitor and maybe by the time the desktop computer goes, I will have enought Best Buy points to pay for a new brain. I have been saving my Best Buy points and had about 20,000 of them so I had a good chunk of change to put on the lap top. So that shot most of yesterday as I had to stay in Point for 4 hours while they cleaned it up for me and installed anti virus. I did learn a few things while I was there. Dell is the only computer that still has restore discs and that will only be for the next year and then they won't either. I use AVG free on my desk top computer and soon there will be no more free antivirus programs. I also learned that Face book is the very WORSE thing that you can do to your computer. Lots of virus and stuff floating around on there.
Today I spent most of the day trying to set up my wireless. I finally called the maker of the box and did find out there was no way I could have got it installed myself as there weren't enough ports on my Vonage box. So....$10.00 later....and lots of time, I let them take over the computer while talking to them on the phone and get it installed so now I am in business and have wireless. I had set up an appointment with Best Buy for Friday to install it as the sales gal didn't think I could get it installed myself. So I called them up and canceled that and got $120.00 refunded. So even though I felt like I didn't get much accomplished.....saving $120.00 was a lot to get accomplished! After making supper, doing some cleaning, I got into my stamping room for the first time in two days. I got a couple of cards made for Danna's party for samples. But the cards that I want to post right now are on the other computer so you will have to wait till tomorrow. The new monitor will be here then and Beth's stamping order will come in. I am loving the computer and it was so cool to be able to take it over to my stamping desk and case a card! Before I would be hopping up and down to go back to the computer to look at the details. I usually end up changing them anyhow but it is a pain having to do this or wasting money printing them out. And I will be able to take it upstairs in the sewing room when that gets finished, and to Jenna's as she has wireless too, and out on the front porch! Can you see my little wheels turning. I sure have turned into a techy! Anyhoo....I am so happy to have this!!!! See you tomorrow! me

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