Monday, June 29, 2009

50's Table and Quilt

Here is picture of the new 50's table and chair set I bought yesterday and a picture of the quilt I bought a couple of weeks ago that I promised to show you. I love the set but am having trouble getting used to seeing it in here! Definitely a different look than my old oak table! I think I will grow into it. I remember the first time I had the kitchen painted in a sky blue. I couldn't get used to it at first but grew to love it and when it needed to be repainted years later, I didn't really want to change the color but I did. Funny how we get attached to certain things.


  1. Your table and chairs look just exactly like I thought they would!Very similar to Gus' parents chairs. I had many a meal around their table when we were dating and did not appreciate it as much then as I do now. Such nice memories. The 50's was a wonderful time in my life....enjoy your "new" dining table and chairs. Love it!

  2. the quilt pieces look like they were cut with Stampin' Up!s round tab punch!!! cool quilt. I loved your blog and your work. Happy Stamping, Sherrill Graff