Saturday, June 13, 2009

Asian Flair

Hello! These are the cards I made for the Owl Whimsy Design Team this week. This new set, Asian Flair will be released for sale on Monday. There are many more images that go with this set so you can create different scenes with it. You will be able to get one free image to play with and the rest you will be able to purchase. Play along with this week challenge and you will have the chance to earn next week's set for free. You will like them, they are angels.

Very nice weather for the flea market today. In between customer's, Jessie, the teenage girl next door to me, was over helping me punch up scraps before she had to go to driver's ed today. I met a really nice gal today named Marlene who bought a bunch of stuff from me and we got visiting and she showed me pictures of her stamping room, and that was really fun to see! If you are reading this Marlene....I am waving!! LOL I look forward to seeing you again!

Breezy and Zach moved my mom's extra couch over here today and it fits really good on the wall against the staircase. So I now have a couch when you come to visit! Taffy is loving it and has decided that it is her new napping place. I put a blue and white print couch cover over it and they love ANYTHING fabric to sleep on. If I leave a pair of jeans folded up on the bathroom counter, they have to sleep on them. Silly cats!

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