Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doodle This and Celebrate Everything

My monitor arrived today!!! Yippee! I got that all hooked up this morning, paid bills, and then was ready to play! I worked on cards while chatting on the phone. It was a non stop phone call day and it is sure a good thing that I own head sets for my phone or I would never get anything done! I set the laptop up on my stamping desk so when my pesty little friend from Oregon keeps iming me....LOL, I can still be working. Colleen was teasing me this morning that I had no excuse for not talking to her now when ever she im's me because I could just carry the lap top around the house with me all day long! Yeah right, buddy. I told her that I was going to mention having to run to the computer all the time last night in my post, but did not want to embarrass her. But as you can see...that didn't last long....and further more...she won't be embarressed! Debby from IL buzzed me this afternoon and when I was finally able to return her call, she asked me if I wanted to go to Mc Donald's for supper as she was coming in to town for groceries. I said sure. It is such a beautiful night that we decided to eat outside. Nadine was getting gas and came out and visited with us for a little bit while we were eating and we all had a real nice visit.
Today's card uses the stamp set Doodle This and Celebrate Everything. I stamped the flower's and then curled them with a pencil and attached the tips down with glue dots. The gals loved this card at Beth's party. I took it down to the flea market on Saturday and it immediately sold for a pattern. This is not a mailable card but it sure is striking. Taffy is curled up on the couch again sleeping. She sure does love the couch and I swear she thinks I bought her a new bed! I saw her doing a "happy dance" on it, chasing her tail, and she actually did a somersault! Such a little peanut. Well I am off to stamp! Until tomorrow.......Boo

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