Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tart and Tangy Tin

I made this tin filled with embellishments for Beth as a thank you gift for having her party. She absolutely loved it! I used the stamp set Tart and Tangy, 1 1/4 & 1 3/8" circle punches and the scalloped circle punch to make the embellishments. The container is an empty Altoids tin. There are 34 pieces in the tin. A fun cheery project to have on your stamping desk.
I slept in this morning as I got to bed late and was up and down all night. I had lunch with the lunch bunch today, our monthly get together. Then I went to Practical Cents and found a few little craft items and 2 pairs of jeans that were half price! So I was a happy camper as I had to throw out two pairs of jeans in the last week that had too many holes worn through them. But they were pairs that I had bought at a garage sale last October for a dollar a piece and I wore them all winter long so I guess I got my money's worth! You can't dress much cheaper than that! Susie stopped over for a minute while she was in town and Beth came over and we chatter and stamped. We were working on some of the left over packets from last night. Only 2 more days till I get my new catalog! I can't wait!!! New stamping catalogs are like getting the Christmas catalog when you were a kid! Have a good night! Elaine


  1. Cute tin and contents....I just happen to have an Altoid tin so just may have to try some of those for myself if I ever get a few minutes to stamp!

  2. LOVE this!! And I've been admiring that stamp set for-evuh! GREAT set!!