Friday, June 19, 2009

More Organization in the Scrapbook Room!

Hello! Today was full of pleasant surprises! The first surprise was the big container of strawberries that were left on my deck this morning! Ummm....they are yummy! I believe that Carol left them, probably early this morning on her way to work. Thanks buddy! The next surprise was that Breezy and Riley were coming to work today and that I could have them for 3 hours today. They got lots of stuff done for me. We put these curtain rods that I found at Don Smith's for 44 cents each up and hung my punches on them. It looks so wonderful!! And no more digging for them! Then they put my black stack and store containers on the end of my desk for me, and attached the basket to the bottom of the side so I can store my embossing trays in it. Then they hung another drawer unit under the ones that store all my punch outs so I have 3 hanging in a row now. We headed up stairs next and put together the new cutting table for my sewing room. I read the directions while they assembled. They decided not to shampoo the carpet in there today as it is too muggy out and would not dry. After that we looked at my "to do" list and decided that there wasn't any thing else we could get done on it today as tool's or supplies weren't here to do it. So then we went out to the garage and they put my humongous ladder back in the garage that the roofer's had taken out but didn't put away and they also moved the leftover shingles that had been left in the doorway further back in the garage out of the way. Plus they hauled mom's exercise bike out for her. They got all that done and actually left a half hour early!! So I am a happy camper to have more stuff off the list done. Susie stopped in and dropped off more cards for the troops. Thank you! Nadine popped in for a moment and Sandy Wellumson stopped after she got done with work looking for a new catalog and was disappointed to hear that they haven't arrived yet. it won't be long now, probably the end of next week. I showed her the new in colors and the things I pre-ordered and she loved them. She says she has 50 cards bundled up to bring for the troops! Yippee! Come on gals.....start stamping, start sorting out your left over cards so we have a big box to send!! In between things I went down to Practical Cents. Wait till you see the quilt I found!!! It is pretty cool and did I get a bargain on it. I will post a picture of it on here another day. I also found a bunch of craft supplies. Ribbon, cording, felt, crochet cotton, 2 sheets of hinge embellishments, and a mother load of beads!!! There are a few containers that are larger sized but I found a ton that are perfect for card making. Lots of little pearls in pretty colors that I can envision down the middle of butterflies wings. Oh happy day! Now if I could only get rid of the headache/face pain I have. I got it when I was up town, I think it is this humid weather. Oh well. I think I will go work on my cards for the design team. Our latest release will be Annie May Angel. She is a cutie! Have a good night! Elaine

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