Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Friend

Good Evening! Well the weekend didn't go as I had planned as it was so cold and I wasn't at the flea market much but it turned out to be fun! Debby and I went to Antler's Ridge for dinner last night and the owner's daughter plays piano and was playing last night. I love to listen to piano music during dinner, it is a real treat! Then we came back here and worked on some projects. Today we decided to go to Tomah as once again it was too cold for me to be at the flea market. Debby wanted to get some beads as she is into bead making, and I picked up a few groceries and kitty litter and cat food. We also went to Good Will. When we got back, Debby needed to do a treatment on her legs so we got that set up and we both took snoozes in the chair until her phone woke us up twice. Kind of like being at home for me...LOL Then I went down to the Citgo by Castle Rock park and picked us up some chicken and potato wedges. Debby taught me how to make artichokes which was a new experience for me as I have never had them. She showed me how to cut the tips off, spread them open a bit so that the water can get in, then put them in a pan of water, bring them to a boil, lower the heat and then let them cook for an hour. You melt 1/3 cup of butter per person/artichoke and put garlic salt in it. Then you take a piece of artichoke, dip it in the butter and use your teeth to pull the meat off of it. Getting to the heart is the best part of all!!! It was very good. I felt like I was out in the jungle and it reminded me of Gilligan's Island and them eating the plants off the island. LOL Thanks for the neat experience Debby and for supper! Too bad I didn't have my camera along!
Today's card is a favorite of mine and uses the stamp set Great Friend. I am so happy this set is making the new catalog. I see endless possibilities with this one. Have a good night! Me

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